Paul Kershaw
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Widnes is perfectly situated to explore the estuary of the famous River Mersey, historic Liverpool

with its rich seafaring heritage and nearby Warrington where there is a

museum recalling much of the history of the region.

There is much that is Victorian about Widnes, this can be seen in the

splendid public library building and the park named after a great Queen

and Empress. The park offer pleasant green spaces, a lake with wildfowl

and there is a lofty Cenotaph to the those who died in the 20th century

World Wars.

Of its recent history Widnes can claim to be the birthplace of the giant

I.C.I Chemical Company, started by Sir Alfred Mond, it is also the place

where both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appeared in theatre separately

before they each left for distant shores and later met up in America to

form one of the greatest film comedy duo's of all time. The "fab four"

played at the Queens theatre before they became famous and Freddie

Mercury, who went on to become the star of the great "Queen" band,

played at the Wade Deacon Grammar School for girls in the 1960's whilst

he was fronting an all boys band called Wreckage! Paul Simon wrote

“Homeward Bound” whilst staying in Widnes.

BRIDGES of WIDNES (Not visible on phones or tablets)

Transporter Bridge
Silver Jubilee Bridge
Construction Of New Bridge (2015)

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